PolyMem Non-Adhesive QuadraFoam Dressing 4" x 4"

Manufacturer: Ferris/PolyMem

Ferris PolyMem® Non-Adhesive Dressing consists of a polyurethane membrane matrix on a semi-permeable, thin-film backing. The hydrophilic membrane contains a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a super-absorbent, starch, co-polymer. The dressing protects the wound as it facilitates the body's natural healing process.

  • Can be effectively used on most common wound types
  • Features four key wound healing capabilities including cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten
  • Feels like foam, maintains moist environment
  • Soft and comfortable adhesive
  • Thick and absorbent
  • Contains a mild, non-toxic cleansing agent activated by moisture that is gradually released into wound bed
  • Built-in cleansing capabilities reduce the need to cleanse wounds during dressing change, avoiding disruption to healthy tissue growth
  • Keeps the wound bed moist and soothes traumatized tissues, reducing wound pain and providing comfort at the wound site

Sold individually or in a Box of 15 


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